Affiliate Marketers STOP Posting Your Affiliate Link! Do This Instead....

You've spent months dropping your affiliate link trying to make money online working from home just like some possibly well meaning affiliate marketing product owner told you to do. Suddenly that link leads to a blank page! All that time spent wasted. Here's what to do instead....

Ever Hear of These Companies?


PrePaid Legal?


All three of these companies were either MLM or direct sales which offered their salespeople sub domain websites. That means a website based off the main site is how the format would look.

All three of these well established companies changed their domains. This made ALL marketing salespeople had done for months or even years useless.

Well Rick, I'm an Affiliate Marketer. That Won't Happen to Me

It could easily happen to affiliate marketers. You are dependent on both an affiliate management company and a vendor of the affiliate product. Either of which could change. The companies I mentioned above were very well established.

As You Know By Now Many Websites Do Not Allow You to Post Affiliate Links

Even the shortener bitly gets recognized by websites such as Facebook as probably being affiliate links.

Okay Rick, what do I do instead to promote my affiliate links?

You Make a Redirect Using Your Affiliate Link

But Rick, Don't I Need a Website for That?

Yes, but if money's tight I'll show you how to get a free one. I was in PrePaid legal before they changed their name. I had gone to and purchased a domain name. It costs me a whole $15.00 for the entire year. That's what I said, $15.00 for the whole year to make me look more professional. I set that domain up in NameCheap to redirect to my affiliate link for PrePaid legal. I'd been promoting it a few months when another company bought them and renamed the company and the domain.

What Did I Do When The Company Changed It's Name?

What I didn't do was run around the house screaming about months of promotion down the drain. Instead I went into NameCheap and changed the target of the domain name I had purchased. Nothing wasted. Nothing else changed.

Now That's Just a Domain. You Should Really Have a Website from FREE to Cheap

Click This link. It's a redirected link for a free website in which I've invested. The link itself is . However, by adding the simple code I'm going to show you, it redirects to the free website and free marketing tools where you may sign up.

Now that's a GREAT free website currently in beta. Thus the great deal. If you have just a little money to invest in your own business, especially if you're going to use any online tools that may involve supporting server side programs such as PHP, then check out the links below for even more robust website hosting to improve and increase your business while looking more professional.

Again these are examples of redirects leading to affiliate links. Don't worry, I've used these website hosting services myself. I like them and am happy with their service.



Rick, I Just Don't See Why I Need a Website?

Name one successful affiliate marker that doesn't have his/her own website. There aren't any! With your own website you can make

  • The redirects I'll show
  • Landing pages for your affiliate product or eventually your own product
  • Presell pages to increase your sales and capture emails.
  • Review pages to increase sales of tested affiliate products

Here's The Simple JavaScript to Add to Your Webpage to Redirect to Your Affiliate Product

(script) location.replace("") (/script)';

Replace ( and ) with < and > with reference to the word script Replace the affiliate link enclosed with your own affiliate link.

You're Done!

You now look more professional. You can even post your redirects on social media such as Facebook and other unfriendly sites concerning affiliate links.

If You're Busy and Need a Passive Way to Make Money Online

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