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For serious investors and traders only....

Who would be an ideal member for this trading and investing private help, advice and discussion Forum...?

1) Individual investors who have taken over actively self-managing their own portfolios and investments

2) Professional investors who realize that access to worldwide opinions at $1.25 per day is money well spent

3) Those who are trying to achieve financial independence and want to be involved in a educational interactive environment

4) Well intentioned folks who want to give their children and grandchildren a real life education to help them achieve financial independence

Bill Spetrino is a professional investor who has earned billions for his investors so far solely through value investing. A trained accountant, he graduated from John Carroll University in Ohio and spent a decade teaching. He has taken $7,000 and amassed a personal wealth in-excess of $72 million. His newsletter was ranked as one of the top 5 from Hulbert Financial Digest and his conservative portfolio in The Dividend Machine, has never had a losing pick.

Is It Worth The Investment for Investors?

Is it worth having access to Mr. Spetrino's vast resources and worldwide group of investors and be able to interact with them AND Mr. Spetrino 24/7/365 for the bargain price of $1.25 per day? Have you seen what consultation fees actually are...? Yes, it's well worth it!

Many have asked Mr. Spetrino why he doesn't charge $2,500 to $5,000 for the annual subscription for his investing and trading forum like other newsletter authors or investment groups do, and his response is simple: "I want to deliver a high quality service to those who are managing their own investments at a minimum cost possible"

"In the past year I, Bill Spetrino, have consulted through multiple means to provide professional guidance on individual stocks and overall stock market strategies. My Dividend Machine Newsletter currently has 19 out of 19 winning positions which led to feature articles in the October Financial Intelligence Report by best selling journalist and Newsmax CEO, Christopher Ruddy, as well as the November issue of Newsmax Magazine with Sarah Palin on the cover. Newsmax magazine is an unbiased source of news."

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