How to Make Money on Rumble NOT YouTube Uploading Videos

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Why Rumble and Not YouTube

Rumble appeared after YouTube started hiding videos from their search results . Rumble Video Website allows everyone to build and upload video content and rate it in search results.

How Rumble Video Platform Differs from YouTube?

Rumble uses fewer content-recommending algorithms, and it shows images chronologically.

Rumble has fewer rules and only bans videos that include pornography, child abuse, criminal conduct, and assault.

How to Make Money on Rumble Video Website

Each video hosting platform has its own set of different monetization rules, and Rumble is the same. The thing about Rumble, though, is that it helps video authors decide how much they’re going to monetize.

Profit Sharing Video authors will forfeit all their rights to Rumble in exchange for receiving up to 90%of what the video makes.

Exclusive Video authors will give up all their rights to Rumble and have the chance to make up to $1000.

Non-Exclusive Video authors will maintain all of their rights to the video and earn up to $500. This will allow Rumble Video Website to receive a non-exclusive license for a video where Rumble and its partners can use it but the Video author who uploads it still owns the video.

Not for Sale Most video authors don't select Not for Sale. Especially if video authors are trying to make money by selling their uploaded videos.

What Sort of Rumble Videos Get Monetized?

Rumble is looking for three things and the greater these specific criteria, the higher the chances of monetizing users’ videos:

Videos with good descriptions and good titles Original material and fascinating subject matter High-quality videos The Rumble Media Player

Rumble offers a 4K video hosting, monitoring your progress, and analyzing your metrics in real-time. Rumble’s video player allows you the ability to combine the ads, handle various channels, and monetize more than one million video assets.

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