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Would you Like to Save Time and Make Money Online with This Automated Content and Ad Placement PHP Script?

Rick Kirkham’s Make Web Pages from RSS Feeds is a PHP script designed to take on-topic articles from article submission sites and “drip” them into your own website in order to increase visitor stickiness, search engine ranking and sales.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Automation and website design expert
Search Engine Optimization, Ranking expert and Sales-psychology expert
Computer troubleshooting and repair expert
Author and writer Located in Honolulu Hawaii

    This script is for you if:

  • You have little time to add content to your website
  • You need an automated way to add your advertising to your web pages to help you make more money online
  • You need an RSS feed for automatic placement of your content and links on social media

What is Rick Kirkham’s Make Web Pages from RSS Feeds?

New web page generated automatically for each article increasing content and improving SEO.

You set the number of articles for a daily drip feed thus simulating normal input for search engines.

Fair use The program only takes the title and description in the xml feed and links to the article in a new tab.

Raw file created listing all articles. This is used on the side of all articles making it easy for both guests and search engines to find your website content.

Index page option yes or no will give you the choice of creating an index page of ALL of your content both created by you and generated by the script.

Multiple income! Variables are set for ad code at the top of the generated page. More can be added.

The RSS feed generator spiders any page with a php, html or html ending (ending choice is editable) whether written by you or generated by the script. It gets the title and description tags. The RSS feed generator part of the script then creates two types of feeds.

Display feed and social feed

The display feed is a normal looking feed. The social feed title contains the link to the generated web page in the title before the title begins. This is useful if you’re using any sms text notifications of new articles and want to make sure you get the link to the generated web page in the text message.

Requirements for Rick Kirkham’s Make Web Pages from RSS Feeds

PHP including file_get_contents and curl

Medium level knowledge of PHP unless you hire me to install it.

Real web hosting not limited to graphic user interfaces

Directions for Rick Kirkham’s Make Web Pages from RSS Feeds

The script itself is annotated very well. Follow the directions in the script and you can’t go wrong.

Replace with your domain name.

Upload the css into your root directory

Copy the path to the program into a new browser tab and run it by pressing enter

After that the program will add more auto generated web pages every day when someone visits using the iframe running the program also generated in the web pages Rick Kirkham’s Make Web Pages from RSS Feeds creates.

Cost of Rick Kirkham’s Make Web Pages from RSS Feeds

Only $192.00 for this hands free Search Engine Optimizing, customer stickiness, automated script. Buy now!

Installation is an additional $49.00 though I doubt you’ll need help with the annotation I’ve included in the script.

Hosting if you need it is $29.00 per month if you need cpanel access. No setup fee.

Shared hosting with no cpanel is only $9.95 per month with a $29.00 setup fee.

Rick I need help installing the script

Rick I want you to host the script

Contact Me If You Have Questions

Rick Kirkham

Final Ease of Use Note

Because I was releasing this automated content script to the public, I cleaned it up A LOT. The last time I set this script up it took me 10 minutes. It’s just that easy.

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